Havelock Bowling Club

Nau mai Haeremai ki Havelock Bowling Club Inc


Havelock Bowling Club became an incorporated society established in 1936 under the Marlborough Bowling Centre Association.

Our aim is to introduce new players into the sport of lawn bowls in the region and also encourage community participation plus new membership.

Lawn bowls is a sport which is enjoyed by people of all age groups.

It has been known only to be an “older person’s game”.  Nowadays it is more popular to say it is a “young person’s game that older people can still play” and very well if I might say.

There is a great sense of pleasure, and enjoyment you’ll get from playing this sport and whether you want to play a leisurely casual game or adopt that competitive edge for success, this sport can cater for everyone’s needs.

So don’t be shy, take us up on this Open invitation to come on down to the club and Give it a Go”.

Check out the programme, add us to your calendar of events and we’ll see you in the new season.


Important Information.

When will the season start?      

1st October until 30th April.

Do I need bowls?

The bowling club can assist here.

How do I join?

Please select the contact tab to send a message, you will receive a reply asap.

What day will you be open?

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 5.15pm and tournament days.

Times outside this may be arranged with any full member.


What will it cost to join?

Full Membership                             $85

Social Member                               $10

School Student/1st Year                 $35

Note: The Havelock Bowling Club is affiliated to the clubs of NZ