Havelock Bowling Club



                 Havelock Bowling Club Est 1936

                      Nau mai Haere mai



Havelock Bowling Club was established in 1936 under the Marlborough Bowling Centre Association.

Our aim is to improve our membership numbers and grow the sport of lawn bowls in the region.

Whether you want to adopt a competitive edge for the game or partake in a leisurely casual game,

lawn bowls is definitely a sport enjoyed by many people of all age groups.

With our current membership sitting at around 29, the Havelock bowling club members are eager

to take on All interested players wanting to Come and Give it A Go.

Havelock Bowling Club has seen some of the best bowlers on its green and are honoured to have

some of them represent NZ at national level and also international level.

Among the current membership there is a vast knowledge of the game awaiting to upskill the keen.

 So, what are you waiting for?  Add us to your calendar events and check us out in the new season.

Important Information

When do we start?                       The bowling season runs between 1st October and 30th April each year

Do I need my own bowls?           No. the club will be prepared to lend a set of bowls for use at the club

How do I join?                                Contact the Secretary, President any club member or come down to the


What days will you be open?     Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5pm

                                                          Times outside this may be arranged with any Full term club member

What will it cost?                          We offer the following memberships:

                                                          Full Term Player (able to play in centre events)                                             $85

                                                          Social Membership (non-player in centre events)                                        $10

                                                          Non-playing spouse                                                                                             $10

                                                Note: The Havelock Bowling Club is affiliated to the Clubs of NZ